Rum Runners,

On March 22nd, 2018 I Ziri decided to leave the guild that I founded and poured my heart, soul and energy into over the past 2 years. This is due to irreconcilable differences I had with Leadership and namely Zahel as it pertains to the direction of the guild and day to day operations. It was painfully clear that the direction I wanted was not in line with the others. While I did not wish to leave as abruptly as I did, I do feel as though it was the only course of action I could take outside of removing numerous people from positions and rebuilding leadership from scratch and in a smaller more efficient capacity. Things got too bloated and there was no one willing to tackle the hard things. When officers use excuses for their friends behavior as a reason not to discipline them and that we should let them slide, that just isn't right. As well as Zahel flat out ignoring my requests to handle things that were getting out of hand because he thought things would just resolve themselves, it just proved I could not rely on those I put into power that were meant to help and support. There was too much toxicity in the leadership team, too much bitching about every little thing, complaining about people behind others back in O chat. This was not a healthy team no matter how it may have seemed to the outside. The only shining ray of light in that group was Naevya.

I was planning on stepping down later this year with a succession plan in place and probably go create an alliance guild at that time as that is something I have wanted to return to for some time plus do things right from day one versus how I let things get out of hand here.

I wish most of you good luck and hope that the guild continues on in a way that you can all stay but know if any of you ever need a home and are tired of the bullshit please feel free to reach out.

Discord: Ziri#0004 Ziriuso#1680